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Mission Training Partnership with Churches


What is it about?


At Wesley Mission Brisbane our call from God is to create servant-evangelists. Men and women who can confidently put their faith into action and become doers of God’s Word in the community. To achieve this we give young or mature adults the opportunity to have a challenging faith experience in the Mission’s urban ministry environment. Here they will be challenged:

· to seriously consider how they articulate their testimony of faith.

· to discern what style of evangelism is appropriate for them.

· to practice how they put gospel principles into action.

· to build healthy and empowering relationships.

· to build community where there is brokenness.

· to understand and live out the social aspects of the Gospel.

· to create new, on the edge, outside the box, ministries that engage and are relevant to the local community.

So in essence we work in partnership with churches in Brisbane to help give them and their members a radical new discipleship experience. To not only share the Gospel but to be in being with the Gospel. Also, most importantly, to develop servant-evangelists who can return to their churches and develop new and life-giving ministries to their local communities.

What is involved?


The experience is part-time and is for six months. We make it as flexible as possible so those working or studying full-time can participate. Essentially there are five requirements.

1. A participant would do one, but no more than two ministries whilst at Wesley Mission.

The range of ministries and time commitments are:

Ministry Hours committed How Often
Food Van

– at night time or early morning serving food/coffee to the poor and sharing faith.

3 hours Once a month
Emergency Relief Service

– during business hours and the working week assessing an individuals needs accordingly and providing food parcels.

3 hours Once a week

– street work in the morning or at night to homeless youth and adults

1.5 hours Once a week
Punk Rock Ministry

– holistic evangelism to punk rockers and gothics at band nights in the Lion’s Den

4 hours Either once a fortnight or month
Pastoral Care in Aged Care

-visiting isolated elderly people in aged care facilities

2 hours Once a week
The Big Issue Magazine

-helping and empowering vendors

2 hours Once a week
Homeless Soccer Team

– building confidence and skills in homeless people

2 hours Once a week
Homeless Choir

– helping homeless people express themselves through rap, chorus and other types of music

1 hour Once a week
Work Solutions

– helping people with disabilities empower themselves through work

2 hours Once a week
Marginalised Social Justice Group

– is a think-tank involving marginalised people who seek to change unjust structures

1 hour Once a week
Ministry to Prostitutes

– providing support and coffee to vulnerable women

1 hour Once a week
Crash Bed

– providing a presence for homeless guests who are sleeping in church halls

12 hours – overnight stay Once a month

2. The participant would participate in a training day where they will be introduced to:

· Diaconal Theology and Practice;

· Mission to the marginalised

· Holistic Evangelism,

· Self-defence

· Community Building

· Pastoral Care

· Diaconal Worship.

· Development of a learning covenant.

3. Being committed to a weekly reflection group on a Tuesday night which will include worship, theological reflection and accountability.

4. Going away for a weekend on a Powerchange camp (involves faith development and community building with further mission training).

5. Once a month on a Saturday night attend the Powerchange Mission Network Worship at Albert St Uniting Church (worship with other adults focused on mission).



Commitment from your church for each participant

For each participant from your church a covenant will be signed between your church and the mission. It will state the following:

· The participant will be released to the supervision of the mission’s ministers for the six months duration.

· The participant will continue to worship in their own church, but have no heavy responsibilities.

· A person or group is to be appointed by the home congregation/church that is to help support the participant.

· Bi-monthly, the participant is to share their mission faith experience with their own congregation/church at a worship service.

· In the last two months of the placement the participant, their support person and minister will meet together to discern if they are called to create a new ministry that connects into their local community.

Commitment from the Mission


The Mission is committed to building up servant-evangelists who can go beyond the church to build community in your local areas. Servant-evangelists who can effectively:

  • Evangelise
  • Empower
  • Enable
  • Pioneer
  • Build Community
  • And be Prophetic


Partnership between your church and Wesley Mission Brisbane



Currently we have participants from the Assemblies of God, Independent Churches, the Baptist Church, the Anglican Church and the Uniting Church. As this is an ecumenical community, the Mission wishes to see new participants from a broad range of denominations.

What does joining the partnership program involve?

Joining in a partnership with WMB would involve sending one person (young or mature adult) from your regional church every six months. The Minister in team work with the Elders would identity a person who they think would be appropriate for this faith experience or challenge. Potential volunteers would be identified in February and July of each year.


Contact Rev. Tim Hodgson, Outreach Minister, Wesley Mission Brisbane at t.hodgson@wmb.org.au or (w) 3031 3032 or (m) 0407 035 443.