National Dialogue of the Roman Catholic and Uniting Churches Report

The National Dialogue of the Roman Catholic and Uniting Churches has completed the Report of its work. Here is the Preface:

In early 2002 members of the National Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Uniting Church in Australia reconvened for the second phase of the life of the dialogue based in Brisbane. Between 1993 – 2008 when the dialogue moved from Melbourne where it had been based for the previous 15 years – and 1999, the dialogue had considered the question of inter-church marriages and had presented a report to the two churches under the title InterChurch Marriages: Their Ecumenical Challenge and Significance for Our Churches. 

The co-Chairs and co-Secretaries of the dialogue had met earlier to consider the matter of a theme or topic for this next phase and the full dialogue group then gathered and endorsed the suggested theme of Mission. Since that time the dialogue has met at least three times a year – with much drafting work being done between meetings by individuals and groups, the latter both intra- and inter-denominational – and this report is the fruit of these labours. We present it to our churches in the hope that it will further cement the very close relationship between them and contribute to the wider church’s reflections on this vital question of the church’s life and witness.

Archbishop John Bathersby and Revd Dr David Rankin (Co-Chairs)

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