Members and Aims

Members and Purposes of the Synod Ecumenical Relationships Committee
The Synod Ecumenical Relationships Committee (SERC) meets at least 6 times a year and seeks to encourage local ecumenical activities for congregations to explore new possibilities of working ecumenically. SERC works in close association with the Assembly Christian Unity Working Group (CUWG), Queensland Churches Together (QCT) and sisters and brothers from other ecumenical bodies within the Christian Faith. We have an extensive list of e-mail addresses which enables us to regularly send reports, minutes and papers that are related to the ecumenical imperative that lies at the heart of the Gospel. This website is also a part of our commitment to communication and additions are made to its contents every 2-3 months.
Chairperson of the Committee is Revd David Baker Moderator of the Queensland Synod and Revd Prof Clive Ayre is the Secretary. Other members of the Committee are: Revd Anne Hulbert, Revds Ray Richmond, Mr Neil Ballment, Mr John Agnew, Revd Don Whebell, Revd Craig Batty
Co-opted members: Mr Richard Lance, Revd David Won KIm, Revd Dr Clive Ayre

The responsibilities of the Committee shall be
(a) to encourage a culture of ecumenism throughout the Synod;
(b) to recommend to the Synod appropriate ecumenical action;

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee shall
(a) (i) facilitate the relationship between the Synod and Queensland Churches Together (QCT);
(ii) receive and process reports from QCT;
(iii) receive funding submissions from QCT and forward them with recommendations to the appropriate body within the Synod;
(iv) nominate UCA representatives to QCT, and to other ecumenical bodies as appropriate;
(b) (i) receive reports from relevant Assembly, Synod, and Presbytery bodies and send to them SERC reports and documents that may be appropriate;
(ii) keep the Synod, Presbyteries and the wider Uniting Church informed of issues raised by ecumenical councils, inter-church councils, QCT, the Assembly’s Christian Unity Working Group, and the progress made in the dialogues with other churches;
(c) nominate a representative to the Annual Conference of the Assembly Christian Unity Working Group.
(d) (i) seek to establish and encourage inter-church relationships with ecumenical committees of other denominations in Queensland and encourage the councils of the church to do likewise;
(ii) encourage exploration of shared mission opportunities and activities with other churches;
(e) be a catalyst for the Biblical, theological and practical consideration of ecumenical matters within the Synod, its Presbyteries and Congregations;
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