Lutheran-Uniting Church Dialogue

The roots of the Lutheran and Uniting Churches are mainly in the German, Scandinavian, French, Swiss, Scottish and English churches, which were renewed by the Reformation of the sixteenth century.

We come from different parts of the world, diverse ethnic backgrounds, and with distinctive experiences of being Christian. We thank God for bringing our two communities to live together in this land, along with other Christian traditions. We thank God that we have been privileged to share our faith with the Aboriginal peoples of this land, and in turn to be enriched by their expression of that faith. Download file

LUTHERAN-UNITING CHURCH DIALOGUE RE SCRIPTURE This dialogue between the UCA and the LCA has its origins in a preliminary meeting on 14 October 1978, in which it was proposed that the general aim of the dialogue was ‘to establish pulpit and altar fellowship between the churches’.

To this end a number of agreed statements were produced and approved by our two churches. However, when the general aim did not appear to be coming any closer to realisation there was a three year break in meetings (1994-1997).

Toward the end of this time the two churches agreed that the dialogue be reestablished on a different basis with more emphasis on the practical life of our churches at a local level. Read on…