Lenten Resources

Lenten Resources – Roman Catholic Archdiocese of BrisbaneIn 2007, the Uniting Church Synod’s Ecumenical Relations Committee looked at some of the books in this series with a view to encouraging their use by Uniting Church people in ecumenical Lenten Study programs.

Three members of the Committee offered written responses – a review by Dorothy Demack of Face to Face With Jesus and comments by Anne Hulbert and Neil Ballment on the 2005, 2006 and 2007 books. Although Face to Face With Jesus is no longer available, Dorothy’s review is very reflective of the style and approach take by books in the series. Rob Cosgrove, Editor of the series, has advised us that the 2005 book, One Light, Many Journeys is still available. One of its features is the art work by Revd Dr Geraldine Wheeler, a retired Uniting Church Minister of the Word living in Brisbane. Rob can be contacted at the Catholic Centre cosgrover@bne.catholic.net.au

The three comments from the UC Ecumenical Relations Committee are here: Download file