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Reforming Saints

At the 2010 Conference of the Uniting Church in Australia’s Christian Unity Working Group, the Guest Preacher was Revd Professor Emeritus Robert Gribben. He is Chair of the Standing Committee on Ecumenics and Dialogues of the World Methodist Council, Co-Chair of the Anglican-Methodist International Conference for Unity in Mission and a member of the Global Christian Forum Committee. The Christian Unity Working Group’s Conference was held shortly after the caonnisation of Saint Mary Mackillop.  Here, Robert offers reflections on the ecumenical implications of that event and on a Protestant perspective on Saints in the Church. Download file

Living Church in Rural Queensland


” In recent years the Church world-wide has seen a growth in rural networking and the expression of an authentic rural voice. This voice can be heard in rural Queensland, and the faithful ecumenical response of the churches testifies to the movement of the Holy Spirit among them.1 in 2009 affirm the 1996 declaration, “Being Church in Rural Queensland” (BCIRQ) state. In the light of our experience we believe it is time to build on this foundation, incorporating structures and processes that will continue to promote the BCIRQ vision and address ecumenically the changing spiritual and pastoral needs of rural communities in Queensland.

We affirm our faith in God as Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This faith allows us to celebrate our unity while recognising our diversity. In our diversity we are united by baptism. This baptism incorporates us into the one Body of Christ. Christ calls and empowers us to continue his mission in the world. Our calling is to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Saviour in word and action, in order that the Kingdom of God may be manifest

Across Queensland we celebrate the living expressions of Church that have been empoweredby the priorities articulated in the original 1996 document. These priorities have inspired the writing of inter-church covenants and brought the people of God together in both word and action.”  Read more

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